U.S. Real Estate Investing Blueprint


With Janie Grenier & Kyle Duelund

May 20th-22nd, 2022

(Recordings will be available to all attendees after the event. Details on how to access those recordings will be given during the event)

I strongly believe that there’s never been a better time for foreign investors especially Canadians to generate monthly cashflow with U.S. real estate…

Here’s the best part…

Usually, it would cost you $4,255 USD for access to this training and that would be an exceptional deal.

But, right now, when you enroll you can get ALL THIS for just $555 USD


US Real Estate Investing Blueprint

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U.S. Real Estate Investing Blueprint (value: $2,499)

Your 3-Day (LIVE) Virtual Master Class On Investing Remotely

  • Three days of virtual (at-home) training on USA real estate investing…
  • See how to find smoking hot deals 50%-80% cheaper (in less than 90 days) …
  • Find out how to fund your deals with other people’s money!
  • Get everything you need to take full advantage of the U.S. market…

US Real Estate Deal Mastery QuickStart

Bootcamp (value: $1,459)

Bootcamp is the recordings of 4+1 bonus weeks of the NFTC Mastery Group Program workshop and provides:

  • W1: The Journey Begins with what’s YOUR why & what do you want/need
  • W2: Create a follow-up system, an aggressive action plan, make calls & build lists
  • W3: Overcome fear, and get ready for some real negotiations
  • W4: Organize your underwriting and make it RAIN Deals
  • W5: BONUS! Remove distractions and adopt successful winning habits and get properties under contract and close FAST!

US Property Analysis Software! (Included)

Quickly and easily analyze the potential of ANY property before you even make an offer!

  • Figures out Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) Super quick
  • Never overpay for a property EVER again.
  • Accurately calculate all closing costs, holding costs, repair estimates in seconds
  • Know how much money you are going to make before YOU even start!

"This workshop was very eye opening, something you don't just get anywhere. Grateful to Kyle and Janie for sharing their knowledge. I look forward to learning more and implementing the lessons."

Taffy Ngaru

The Cashflow Opportunity Is NOW...

  • American interest rates are super low...
  • U.S. housing demand is HIGH!
  • ​Get U.S. real estate without leaving the country, investing your own money, or becoming an American citizen!

Our goal is to help you every step of the way on your U.S. real estate investment journey.

That’s why you’ll receive free access to this online “Invest In U.S. Real Estate” live webclass specifically designed to help you get started on the right path.

Work in a Great Market with Lots of Potential...

Now’s the best time for foreign investors to profit in the United States real estate market.

Join our free live webclass and discover how to find deals and financing so you can successfully invest with little risk (from your own home)…

We’ve been training students to invest in U.S. real estate for several years and work with investors from all across Canada.

If you’ve never invested before, don’t worry! You’re actually at an advantage because you have no bad habits to “unlearn.”

"I highly recommend anyone that is thinking about buying any investment property in the U.S. or even as a vacation home to attend this course. Making sure you are well protected personally and as an entity is crucial. Knowing how to make a business case for a property is key to positive cash flow. The big key takeaway is the RRSP to help on your purchase! Total game changer!

Thank you Janie and Kyle for an amazing learning experience in U.S. investing for Canadians!

Glenn Girard

"I enjoyed every aspect of this training. The whole team is real. The guest speakers honest & trust worthy. Sometimes very rare in this industry."

Marcia Lake-Rodney

Janie & Kyle Have Your Back!

While still enrolled in full-time university studies, Kyle became financially free – that is at the age of 27 by investing in real estate. Kyle’s ability to understand, implement, and teach systems from his formal teacher training translates directly to his effectiveness in real estate investing.

In 2015, Janie and her partner Kyle, founded Wemindji Properties, Inc. their first private real estate company. The goal was to create a portfolio of cash flowing properties by continuously recycling their original investment of $39,000 and generating residual income in the process.

"This weekend I decided to invest in myself and enrolled in the J/K Real Estate Investing Blueprint and I am so glad I said yes to that Facebook Ad. To say that I was extremely impressed with the content and flow of the course would be an understatement.

This course provided me with what I needed to get myself started and most of all the confidence to begin with my first investment in the US. I highly recommend this course to anyone. Janie and Kyle are the real deal, beyond knowledgeable, overdelivered and genuinely care and want to make a difference in people's lives.

Thank you for making my dreams seem like they actually can become my reality."

Lori Brudlo

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